3D Production.

- pre - production -
- production -
- post - production -


Production is the actual filming of the video. The video production company you’re working with bring their crew, equipment, talent (actors) and all necessary props out to the location and capture all the footage necessary.

If you’re adding elements such as motion graphics, animation or voice-overs in your video, the material will be produced in the production stage.

The quality of footage you receive in production can not be corrected in post production, so make sure the footage from production is the highest quality footage you can get!

Post - Production.

The work that is done on a film or recording after filming or recording has taken place.

Last, but certainly not least, is post production. Post-production, which is often referred to as ‘post’, is organizing, cutting, coloring and editing the footage captured in production.

Before entering the world of video production, I thought the footage captured on the camera is the video product that we see on the big screens. I wasn’t aware of the coloring that happens in post or the audio mixing.

Post is where all the footage is constructed and the final touches, the elements that really make the video pop, are added to the final product.