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HTML Development.

The growing number of varied devices and businesses looking to expand globally have invariably increased the demand for cross platform apps. The advancement in technology has brought in HTML5, an enhanced technology for building web and mobile applications supported across different operating systems and platforms. This mark-up language supports rich multimedia features like audio, video, graphics and animations, to develop apps with special effects. Harnessing its incredible capabilities that benefit businesses, ARISE provide HTML5 development solutions to clients around the world.


Designing a user interface for mobile devices demands a thorough understanding of the user behavior. The success of a mobile applications depend on an intuitive Mobile UI design that combines usability with functionality. A good mobile UI makes it easy for users to operate the app and also help you promote the application.


A successful website is not the result of single factor but combined result of multiple factors including well coded HTML and XHTML pages. In PSD to XHTML conversion process the PSD files developed by website designers, which are static pictures, are further processed by developers to assign specific functionalities. And this requires perfect coding knowledge, for essential assessment, user-friendliness and SEO of a successful web site.